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Sacred renewal. A Divine Feminine practice only possible when the intuition is activated and the Highest Self is awakened. A seat at the altar, intentions set, divination unveils the truth, and the work of rebirth begins. Tatianna Tarot and Elle Qui Vit have come together to create tools for the journey ahead. The Akasha Oil provides access to the higher realms while the Serpent of Rebirth Necklace inspires transformation. Combined, they act as a guide, empowering, protecting, healing and illuminating the way. Use or gift intentionally for a new year, a new moon, a new undertaking, a new mindset, or an opportunity to start again. 

The Akasha Divination Psychic Oil
Utilized to help you best access higher realms of wisdom, tap into your Higher Self, and activate your intuitive senses - the Akasha working oil's purpose is to get you to awaken to your Power and Autonomy in accessing truth from elevated forces within you and around you. You can use this oil before you divine for yourself, on your tarot and oracle decks, before meditation, to activate your third-eye, before you go to bed for prophetic dreams and countless other ways. 
The Serpent of Rebirth Necklace 
Symbol of creative life force, the Serpent is a creature of transformation, reminding us to shed the old and embrace the new. Created in brass, hanging from a hand-dyed green silk cord for prosperity and renewal. A jade clasp brings clarity of mind, calm of heart and good fortune. To adjust the length gently pull each silk loop on the jade outward  and pull cord up or down. 

DETAILS: Ready to ship in 1-3 business days, limited quantity available until sold out. 1 oz bottle of Akasha Oil, Serpent of Rebirth Necklace in brass on a hand-dyed silk cord and jade stone. Final sale. If you would like to send as a gift and add a notecard, please include a note at check out.


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