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Ancient Egyptians believed the world was born from chaos, and created with Atum's magic, and so everything within it reflected a magical aura. When humans were created, that magic became a part of their soul, living within their physical body and beyond for eternity. The soul, they believed, was composed of different parts, from the KA (vital essence) to the SAHU (spiritual body). 

The Conception of the Soul Collection explores these elements of our soul, intertwining Egyptian mythology with cosmic consciousness, taking us deeper into our collective power. The Goddess of Magic in 14k gold and sterling silver Asp taps into the divinity of Mother Earth’s precious metals, while rare gems from the cosmos like Paraiba Tourmaline and blue diamonds light the path. 

Our first Fine Jewelry Collection, each talisman is the only one of its kind created. We will slowly add to this collection over time, until the full spectrum of the soul is illuminated.