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Elle Qui Vit 

Jewelry designer and artist Ayesha [eye-sha] Pirbhai Fardell grew up in London, Karachi and along the U.S. east coast before moving to Barcelona and eventually residing in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. After leaving her home country, Pakistan, at the age of seven, Ayesha was eager to gain greater insight into her South Asian and Middle Eastern roots. This exploration into the MENASA regions led her back to ancient civilizations, unveiling matriarchy based communities, systems and approaches that were disrupted and kept secret over time. 

Born from the name Ayesha, meaning "She Who Lives," Elle Qui Vit explores these matriarchy based civilizations with a focus on the Divine Feminine through the ages. Mystical and symbolic adornments tell the stories of womanhood, celebrating our history, art, culture and spirituality. Consciously crafted in Los Angeles and New York City, each piece of jewelry is cast in recycled metals through the lost wax process, in homage to ancient feminine craft. Select pieces include ethically sourced natural stones and hand-fused glass gems. Along with inspired collections, Elle Qui Vit specializes in custom commissions for distinctive pieces of fine jewelry, including engagement rings and wedding bands.


Instagram: @elle.qui.vit
Photo: Damaris Chambers