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KA: The Vital Essence Necklace

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The Mother, Aset, the Egyptian Goddess of Magic, embodying KA or the Vital Essence of the Soul. It is said that the Meskhenet, Goddess of Childbirth, was the creator of KA, she would breath it into each being to bring them life. The KA is our astral self, a divine power which exists in all living things, allowing us to transcend this world to receive blessings in the next. It provides us with guidance and protection from one lifetime to another. 

The extremely rare Paraiba Tourmaline, known as the “electric stone” is carried between the Goddess Aset’s open wings. This is the stone of consciousness, bringing vitality and energy into all aspects of being, healing the nervous and respiratory systems, and bringing mental balance. Eight blue diamonds line Aset’s wings, representing multidimensional ways of thought, truth and spirituality. The stone of prophecy, the opal drops from Aset’s kneeling stance, stimulating creativity, and cosmic consciousness while enhancing psychic ability and mystical visions. Together these stones create KA. 

DETAILS: Only one of its kind made, 14K yellow gold, approximately 1.5” long pendant, 18" cable chain. Featuring a Paraiba Tourmaline, eight blue diamonds (four on each wing), and an opal drop. Due to the nature of natural precious gemstones, there will be variety in sizing, color and inclusions. 

CREATION TIME: Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. 

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