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Spirit of the Night Bracelet


The stone of royalty, lapis was believed to carry “the soul of the deity, who would 'rejoice in its owner. '” Worn by the Queens of ancient Sumer, owning a piece of the cosmic stone was the equivalent of owning a piece of the starry sky, representing spirit, truth, wisdom and vision. 

In the infamous rebirth myth, The Descent of Inanna, Inanna, Queen of the Night, seeks out her newly widowed sister Ereshkigal, Queen of the Underworld. Adorned in her royal garments, wearing the crown of heaven, dripping in lapis, with rings across her fingers, she travels down into the underworld. Performing a divine striptease as she descents, she is ordered to remove one piece of adornment at each of the seven gates. Naked, she comes upon the throne of her sister, but Ereshkigal, enraged as Inanna was responsible for the death of her husband, "  fastened on Inanna the eye of death." Three days and three nights pass until she was revived by Enki, the God of Wisdom. Through this experience Inanna becomes reborn, confronting her shadow self, and releasing her former self. 

DETAILS: Available in sterling silver or 24K gold vermeil over sterling silver, with two natural lapis lazuli. Adornments are handmade, resulting in subtle differences and natural imperfections for an ancient feel.

CREATION TIME: Please allow 3-6 weeks for shipment of this made-to-order item. For ready to ship availability email

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