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Divine Poet Ring


Inside a spiral band in the cuneiform script of ancient Sumer, the name of Enheduanna meaning, "Noble Ornaments of the Divine Sky," can be found. The High Priestess of the Goddess Inanna was the earliest known poet and the first woman in ancient Sumer to hold the title of EN, a role given to royal daughters with high political standing. Enheduanna transformed Sumerian culture, redefining the divinity of the deities for the people, as she did with Inanna, narrating her evolution from young goddess to assertive queen. “Her hymns function as multi-layered incantations, interweaving political, personal, ritual, theological, historical and legal dimensions.”  

DETAILS: Available in sterling silver or 24k gold vermeil over sterling silver.  Adornments are handmade, resulting in subtle differences and natural imperfections for an ancient feel. 

CREATION TIME: Please allow 3-6 weeks for shipment of this made-to-order item. For ready to ship availability email

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