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SEKHEM: The Form Earrings

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Asp, the Egyptian Serpent, symbol of transformation and rebirth, embodying SEKHEM, the Form of the Soul. Like the Asp itself, the SEKHEM is the life force of our soul, manifesting as the ability to reign over our circumstances and create the outcomes we desire. 

Embedded in the Asp’s tail, alternating black and white diamonds drive out the darkness and bring in the light. While the extremely rare Paraiba Tourmaline, know as the “electric stone” drops below. This is the stone of consciousness, bringing vitality and energy into all aspects of being, healing the nervous and respiratory systems, and bringing mental balance. Together these stones create SEKHEM. 

DETAILS: Only one of its kind made, 2.5” long earrings, sterling silver. Featuring two Paraiba Tourmaline (one on each earring), two black diamonds (one on each earring) and two white diamonds (one on each earring). Due to the nature of natural precious gemstones, there will be variety in sizing, color and inclusions. 

CREATION TIME: Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. 

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