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The Last Pharaoh Necklace


The Last Pharaoh Necklace honors Cleopatra, known for her intelligence, pageantry and powers of seduction.

Married to her brother Pharaoh Ptolemy XIII, the two ruled as co-regents until Cleopatra’s failed attempt to take sole power caused her to be cast away from the palace. Determined to fight back, Cleopatra created her own army and returned to the capital with force. It was at this time Julius Caesar, the Roman general, arrived in Alexandria and was eager to create peace between brother and sister. In order to enter the palace from which she was banned, and plead her case to Caesar, Cleopatra ordered one of her servants to hide her by rolling her up in a rug and carry her in to the general.

This act won over Caesar, and he helped her become ruler of Egypt. The two had a son together, and after Caesar’s death, Cleopatra focused on ensuring her son’s succession to the throne and protecting her beloved Egyptian empire. She soon joined forces with Roman general Mark Antony, with whom she fell in love, and who protected her from her arch enemy, Octavian.

While they succeeded for some time, Octavian eventually defeated Marc Antony. Hearing this news, and knowing she would soon be captured and would have to hand Egypt over to the Roman empire, Cleopatra decided she could not go on any further. Cleopatra took her own life, as legend has it, with the bite of an Egyptian serpent, the asp.

While Cleopatra is often glamorized as a stunning beauty, it was her fierce intellect, her irresistible personality and her loyalty to the Egyptian empire that made her a legend.

DETAILS: 1.25” pendant18" chain, available in sterling silver or 24K gold vermeil.  Adornments are handmade, resulting in subtle differences and natural imperfections for an ancient feel. 


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