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En Priestess

Elements of Creation Necklace


"In the first days, in the very first days, In the first nights, in the very first nights, in the first years, in the very first years.

In the first days when everything needed was brought into being, in the first days when everything needed was properly nourished. When bread was baked in the shrines of the land, and bread was tasted in the homes of the land. When heaven had moved away from earth, and earth had separated from heaven, and the name of man was fixed. When the Sky God, An, had carried off the heavens, and the Air God, Enlil, had carried off the earth. When the Queen of the Great Below, Ereshkigal, was given the underworld for her domain.

At that time, it was planted, a tree, a single tree, by the banks of the Great River. Enki, the Father, did plant the Huluppu-tree, the God of Wisdom, he planted it by the banks of the Euphrates, before he set sail, before the Father departed for the underworld.

The tree was nurtured by the waters of the Euphrates the very waters that carried Enki to the sea. Small wind stones were tossed against him, large hailstones were hurled up against him, like onrushing turtles, they charged the keel of Enki’s boat. The whirling south wind arose and blew upon the tree, pulling at its roots and ripping at its branches, until the waters of the Euphrates carried it away.

A young woman who walked in fear of no man, and would not be owned, plucked the tree from the river and spoke: “I shall bring this tree to Uruk. I shall plant this tree in my holy garden.”

Inanna cared for the tree with her hand. She settled the earth around the tree with her foot. She wondered, 'How long will it be until I have a shining throne to sit upon? How long will it be until I have a luscious bed to lie upon?'"

-Inanna and the Huluppu Tree

DETAILS: Pendant approx. 1 1/4" long, available in sterling silver or 24K gold vermeil over sterling silver on an 18" wheat chain. Includes a natural citrine, tiger's eye, emerald and sapphire. Adornments are handmade, resulting in subtle differences and natural imperfections for an ancient feel. 

CREATION TIME: Please allow 3-6 weeks for shipment of this made-to-order item. For ready to ship availability email

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