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En Priestess

Ceremony Earrings


The Ceremony Earrings are a visual representation of Inanna's journey as told by her Priestess Enheduanna.  Hand-carved symbols and elemental stones celebrate the Goddess of beauty, sexual love and fertility as she finds her power in a war for justice. 

The emerald stone of rebirth, represents Inanna's journey into the underworld, as she releases who she once was and confronts her shadow self in order to be reborn. Dropping from the emerald is the cylinder seal, worn by all in ancient Sumer. The cylinder seal was rolled on to a piece of moist clay, picking up it’s imprint, as a personal signature of authenticity. Here we see the High Priestess of Inanna, Enheduanna’s, name carved into her cylinder seal, marking her as the creator of "Inanna's dance," the union of her divine masculine and divine feminine. 

Next is the rod and ring, often depicted in Inannna's hands, the symbol was held by goddesses as a symbol of sacrifice and respect. Within the ring is a tiger's eye,  a stone believed to hold the powers of the sun, with it’s bands of gold reflecting the rays of Inanna's twin brother, the sun, Utu. The star, Inanna, and the crescent moon, her father, Nanna. The fire citrine found in Inanna’s star captures her fiery desire for sex and justice. While the sapphire symbolizes the planet Venus, most often associated with the goddess. 

DETAILS: Approx. 4" long, available in sterling silver or 24K gold vermeil over sterling silver. Statement earrings light enough to wear all day with comfort. Adornments are handmade, resulting in subtle differences and natural imperfections for an ancient feel. 

CREATION TIME: Please allow 3-6 weeks for shipment of this made-to-order item. For ready to ship availability email


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