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ME Arm Cuff


In ancient Sumer mes were the divine powers of the gods, ranging from emotion, art, law, religion and beyond, which allowed civilization to thrive. Ancient script tells the story of how Inanna, feeling a lack of power, goes to the primordial father, Enki, to convince him to bring the mes to her people in Uruk.  She participates in a grand drinking competition with Enki, beer for beer, until he agrees to give her the mes. Upon sobriety he realizes his mistake, but Inanna had already embarked on her boat of heaven. He attempts to retrieve them, but fails, leaving Inanna and her people with all the mes.

"My father has given me the me: 

He gave me the high priesthood. 

He gave me godship. 

He gave me the noble, enduring crown. 

He gave me the throne of kingship. 

 He gave me the noble sceptre. 

 He gave me the staff. 

 He gave me the holy measuring rod and line. 

 He gave me the high throne. 

 He gave me shepherdship. 

 He gave me kingship. 

He gave me the princess priestess. 

He gave me the divine queen priestess. 

He gave me the incantation priest. 

He gave me the noble priest. 

He gave me the libations priest. 

He gave me truth."

-Inanna and Enki: The Transfer of the Arts of Civilization from Eridu to Uruk

DETAILS: Approx. 2 1/2" in diameter, available in silver over white brass or 24k gold over yellow brass. The fit of the arm cuff will depend on listed dimensions. Due to its hand carved nature, forcing the piece for fit is not recommended. Adornments are handmade, resulting in subtle differences and natural imperfections for an ancient feel. 

CREATION TIME: Please allow 3-6 weeks for shipment of this made-to-order item. For ready to ship availability email

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